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Rocks of Ages is an African-centered survey of using stones, crystals, gems, and minerals as the foundation for a spiritual technology. ‘Spiritual technology’ means using tools (technology) for creating life force (spirit). It explores how traditional African cultures have used sacred stones historically, as well as principles for using sacred stones to enhance life force in the next millennium.

As an African-centered book, the perspective comes out of the African worldview, and People of Color are the target audience. However, great effort has been taken to be universal in respect and love to all peoples of the world. The goal of Rocks of Ages is harmony for humanity.

Rock of Ages addresses many spiritual issues, but is not religious or dogmatic. The information is empowering for people of all faiths, as well as atheists and agnostics. It is a practical guide to applying a spiritual technology – using tools for creating and enhancing life force.

Rock of Ages is grounded in the basics of physical, metaphysical, and medical sciences. However, a great deal of effort was taken to explain the information in a clear, understandable fashion. One need not be a gemologist or physicist to understand the text.

There is some creative use of the English language employed to make the meaning of some words relevant and culturally centered for Africans in the Americas. For example, ‘hue-manity’ in the sub-title of Rocks of Ages refers to People of Color (‘Hue’ mean ‘color’). All other creative word-sounds in the text have clarifying comments in the endnotes.

I pray this book will provide empowering information.