Humble Servant of Humanity

Student of History, Mystery and Prophecy

Source of Healing Treasures

Scribe of Rocks of Ages

Ra Sekhi Energy Healer



Mediator/Peace Keeper

Presenter of Many Topics

EMAIL: RasBen188@gmail.com

YOUTUBE: RasBen188:

  1. Astrology
    Natal and/or transit interpretations In-person or recorded Includes charts, mp3 recording of session and supplemental information Need birth date, place and time for accuracy $70
  2. Crystal Counsel
    Discuss goals and challenges and best stones with which to work. In-person or recorded $1 per minute (Waived if >$120 worth of stones are purchased)
  3. Ra Sekhi Energy Healing
    Light, Sound, Crystals, and Kemetic Reiki combine for a rejuvenating energy healing. $1 per minute 20 minute minimum
  4. Reflexology
    Light, Sound, Crystals, and Kemetic Reflexology combine for total body relaxation and stress relief. $1 per minute 20 minute minimum for hands 30 minute minimum for feet
  5. Healing Treasures
    Ras is a grounded source for high frequency healing stones, energy tools and wire wrap adornments.
  6. Presenter of Many Topics
    Engaging presentations on: History, Mystery & Prophecy Star Nations Crystals and Energy Wellness Rastafari Roots & Culture
  7. Mediator/Peace Keeper
    Ras mediates disputes between individuals and groups Ras also facilitates mediation trainings and establishes mediation centers
  8. Ceremonies
    Have a vision for a non-traditional ceremony and want the ancestors and angels present? Ras may be able to help.
  9. Humble Servant
    Serving humanity is serving God. Let us know how else we may serve.